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Brand story

The founder, Iam, is a somewhat perfectionist designer and also a pet owner of both cats and dogs. He has experienced several instances of his pets going missing, each time requiring him to search arduously, including checking surveillance footage, posting lost pet notices, and even praying to a scissor.

Following the accidents, Iam bought numerous pet anti-loss products, but found that they either didn't work or were ugly and heavy, not fit for everyday use by pets. This led him to start developing his own solutions.

His first product was designed for cats because they are harder to find once lost. He tested various materials and chose an elastic, lightweight, soft material to make a safety collar exclusively for cats. He fitted the collar with elegant, lightweight attachments for loss prevention, registered patents, and launched sales on online platforms, quickly securing orders from passionate users.

By now, Iam has gathered a team of similarly pet-loving, perfectionist colleagues to design more innovative, high-standard products. He named the brand BuddyArmor, hoping to serve as armor for our furry friends, making their lives safer and better.

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