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Which collar should I choose?

When choosing a collar from BuddyArmor, here are the two options available, converted into inches for your convenience:


  1. Safety Cat Collar: Designed specifically for cats, this collar fits neck circumferences up to 11.8 in (30cm). It is not intended for use with leashes.When considering the Safety Cat Collar from BuddyArmor, it's important to note its safety features tailored for cats. This collar is made from elastic material, which enhances safety by preventing choking hazards. This design feature is crucial, especially in scenarios where your cat might become entangled; the collar can stretch, allowing your cat to free itself safely. Additionally, this collar is compatible with tags and holders available from BuddyArmor, which can be personalized with engraving services. By engraving your contact information on these tags or holders, you ensure that if your cat ever goes missing, there's valuable information available to assist in a safe recovery. This combination of safety features and personalized identification makes the Safety Cat Collar a smart choice for cat owners concerned about both comfort and the well-being of their pets.
  2. Light Alloy Collar: If you require a collar that can be used with a leash, the Light Alloy Collar is your go-to choice at BuddyArmor. It's available in four different sizes, suitable for pets with neck circumferences ranging from 7.9 in (20cm) to 29.1 in (74cm). This range makes it suitable for many pets, providing comfort and security.


If you have any questions about how to measure your pet’s neck or need help selecting the correct size, please feel free to contact us for assistance.


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